Short recording from my archive /1973 - 1998/ in MP3


also not so old songs

                                   Home studio 1973-1976:  I go out * Fragant of one day * TNZ

                                                                                World under my foot * Alone in streets of night city


                                   Nemesis"- jazzrock:  Constelations of winter sky * Dreamy saland burnet *  Night of carnivorous alarms


                                   Childern´s home:  On the face smile, in heart poison * Bitter tears of helpessness *   Princes with short hair * 

                                                               Rocks and crag              


                                   Childern´s home - Christmas songs:  Raven * Snowman * Stars and you * Song of winter babe *

                                                                             Farwell song


                                  "Nemesis"- artrock:  *  Night * Frost * Old diary  * Stray in myself


                                  "Eve´s underwear"- sexrock: Ice sfinga * Divine marquess * Thumb a rideCrazy years * AIDS


                                   Home studio-1995:  Homage of your body * Song from crowns of trees * Skittish women


                                   Home studio-1998:  Guardian gate of eternity * Garden of shadows * Sin fool moon night *

                                                                        Tidings of lost times * Distant love




                                   Home studio 2000/2002:  Shadows in night lanes * River of dead soulsDesire * Sleeping demons

                                  Praise of fooly * Dance in the deepAntares * March of angels of death

               Ophiuchus dream - last three songs /together with my son/ there are from his repertoar


                  complete MP3 some songs HERE